12 June 20221 Comment

Yoga geht ans Eingemachte – wieso beim Atmen manchmal Tränen fliessen

Wenn wir tief atmen, massiert die auf und ab pulsierende Bewegung des Zwerchfells Muskeln und Faszien im ganzen Körper. Wir lockern die fest gezurrten Knoten. Da wo Spannung fest sass, kommt wellenartige Bewegung rein. 

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16 February 2022No Comments

Wie ein Jahr Konsumverzicht an meiner Identität rüttelte

So oft konsumieren wir – egal was – um ein Gefühl von Unzulänglichkeit oder Unzugehörigkeit zu überdecken. Wir erleben einen kurzen Glücksmoment – auch bekannt als Dopamin-Kick – und das Problem scheint zumindest vorübergehend aus der Welt. 

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24 December 2021No Comments

I touch myself. Do you?

Especially for women, but for everybody really, it’s imperative that we check in with our bodies. By the way, with our minds as well. How is that going to happen if we don’t have a way of establishing contact? Whether we do it digitally, visually or by cultivating a regular physical or mindfulness practice, we must enter communication with our body - all parts of it. How else will we notice changes? How else can we become literate in the language of our body and intimate with ourselves?

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17 November 2021No Comments

Postpartum: pain is our friend

One of the most conspicuous changes after the birth of a child, especially if it's your first, is that you go from being an independent person to being at the beck and call of a tiny human. Often we don't have time and space to do what we did before to soothe our nerves. Whether it was meditation, running, playing the piano or having a quiet chat with our partner – in the beginning, there's hardly any time for it.

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5 January 2021No Comments

How to create lasting good habits

New year, new beginnings. We commit to eating better, drinking less, working out more... But how do we keep it up for longer than a few weeks? There are a few key points to establishing healthy habits and replacing bad ones and making sure they last.

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7 December 2020No Comments

Five simple tools to prevent relapse during the pandemic

The pandemic is a catalyzer. Old demons resurface and are magnified. Here's how simple yoga tools can help with getting out of your head and stopping the downward spiral.

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19 September 2020No Comments

Yoga – a lifeline for recovering addicts during the coronavirus pandemic

The news of the pandemic was scary for everyone, and more so for people with a weakened nervous system. Addicts, whether recovering or not, felt the strain of the global uncertainty intensely. Using is a way of self-medicating when addicts can’t cope. It’s hard for them not to reach for their drug of choice when feeling out of control, frightened or threatened. For weeks, many of the life savers normally available to them, remained out of reach.

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11 October 2018No Comments

The nasty email

I believe we've all been on the receiving end of a nasty email before. This is how my last week started, with an abrasive email on Monday morning. I find myself itching to ask: What do you do when this happens to you? Because after all the soul-searching work I have done – from meditation to family constellation, from shamanistic rituals to therapy, from kinesiology to astro readings – these emails get me every time.

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© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni | All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni |
All rights reserved | AGB| Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni | All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni
All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter