Vinyasa yoga classes

Vinyasa yoga is rather challenging on the physical level, although relaxing and meditative elements are always part of the practice.

The Vinyasa practice begins with a warm up sequence to prepare the body for the standing exercises. The body really warms up from the inside during the ensuing sun salutation sequences and standing poses. After your muscles have worked up a cleansing sweat usually some inversions and/or back bends are introduced. The class terminates with soothing forward bends and eventually ends with deep relaxation.

Meditation and breathing exercises are usually incorporated either at the beginning or the end of the class.

The benefits of Vinyasa are the building of muscle strength and stabilization of the joints and bone structure. You will also learn to breathe deeply and calmly while doing physically challenging exercises. You will find that focusing your thoughts on what you’re doing with your body will calm the mind chatter and provide great relaxation.

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