Vinyasa yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga - sometimes also called Yoga Flow – different poses are connected in a constant and steady flow of movement. Every transition and pose is connected to the breath, informing how long every pose is held before flowing to the next.

Matching your movement to the breath requires great mental focus. Connecting Asana (poses) and Pranayama (breath awareness and manipulation) enhances your awareness of where your body and mind are at that specific moment. You begin to discover how every part of the body feels different every day - and how the mind likes to ever wander away from the present moment.

Vinyasa Yoga is very heat-building and strengthening. The sun salutation and its modifications form the core of Vinyasa practice. By supporting your own body weight with your body strength, you’ll sustain your muscles, support your joints and promote a healthy bone structure, all the while preventing injury and ensuring balanced and anatomically correct body work.

The key to the Vinyasa practice is mindfulness. Mindfulness with your body means that practice is not about achieving crazy pretzel- poses, but about working towards the poses in a way that is healthy and strengthening – yet never forced. Mindfulness with your mind means to simply recognize where you are – and not judge yourself for it. Mindfulness is about never doing harm to your self.

And maybe you will discover: observing yourself working and energizing towards a pose is much more interesting than already being there.