29 June 2022No Comments

Warum Yin Yoga? – Drei Gründe, wieso Yin Yoga es mir angetan hat

Im Grunde bin ich eine jener Personen, die Yin Yoga mit Vorsicht geniessen sollten. Wegen meiner hypermobilen Gelenke muss ich sehr viel mehr aktiven Muskelaufbau machen als passives Dehnen. Trotzdem hat gerade Yin Yoga es mir angetan. Ich könnte mir mein Leben nicht ohne diese Ergänzung vorstellen. Hier sind drei Gründe und meine Liebeserklärung an Yin Yoga: Entschleunigung, Selbstfürsorge und Resilienz.

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12 June 20221 Comment

Yoga geht ans Eingemachte – wieso beim Atmen manchmal Tränen fliessen

Wenn wir tief atmen, massiert die auf und ab pulsierende Bewegung des Zwerchfells Muskeln und Faszien im ganzen Körper. Wir lockern die fest gezurrten Knoten. Da wo Spannung fest sass, kommt wellenartige Bewegung rein. 

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7 December 2020No Comments

Five simple tools to prevent relapse during the pandemic

The pandemic is a catalyzer. Old demons resurface and are magnified. Here's how simple yoga tools can help with getting out of your head and stopping the downward spiral.

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19 September 2020No Comments

Yoga – a lifeline for recovering addicts during the coronavirus pandemic

The news of the pandemic was scary for everyone, and more so for people with a weakened nervous system. Addicts, whether recovering or not, felt the strain of the global uncertainty intensely. Using is a way of self-medicating when addicts can’t cope. It’s hard for them not to reach for their drug of choice when feeling out of control, frightened or threatened. For weeks, many of the life savers normally available to them, remained out of reach.

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30 April 2019No Comments

The principle of joy

In yogic circles, setting an intention isn't the same as a new year's resolution. It doesn't mean bending over backwards to reach my goal. You formulate your intention in the privacy of your mind and leave it at that. Still, something within re-aligns. It's like the act of unfurling the sail on the mast. Then all there's left to do is to wait for the wind to blow in the right direction. And one day, you just take off.

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27 March 2019No Comments

Addicted to control

he root of the problem is that I'm addicted to control. Why? Because it soothes my anxiety. Other people might have a couple of drinks, to feel more relaxed, or snort cocaine to feel invincible. I get high on control, on that high-strung feeling inside. I get a kick out of the illusion that personally holding things together will prevent the world from falling apart. But like any proper addict, the moment the craving is satisfied, I don't feel better. There's already the next thing to worry about and the next hit to procure.

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11 February 2019No Comments

Heal your heart first

Ethan Nichtern, a widely respected Buddhist and meditation teacher in New York City, recently wrote something on Twitter that resonated with many: “Been meditating for almost twenty-five years. Self-critical thoughts still come. I still think 'I suck' on a regular basis.” Self-love and self-acceptance don't come easy. Not even for those who have had a lot of practice.

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11 January 2019No Comments

Setting sail

I noticed myself constantly reaching for something: coffee, sweets, social media, the odd glass of wine on a weeknight, and Netflix. While none of these self-soothing strategies sound particularly alarming, the frequency with which I was applying them was bothering me. I may not be addicted to caffeine or alcohol. But to some extent I was using these coping strategies to alleviate the pain of good bye.

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11 October 2018No Comments

The nasty email

I believe we've all been on the receiving end of a nasty email before. This is how my last week started, with an abrasive email on Monday morning. I find myself itching to ask: What do you do when this happens to you? Because after all the soul-searching work I have done – from meditation to family constellation, from shamanistic rituals to therapy, from kinesiology to astro readings – these emails get me every time.

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23 September 2018No Comments

A clear signal – about speaking our truth

I know mitigating the truth is not lying, but it's not exactly saying the truth either. Plus, there's something incredibly frustrating about biting your lip and not feeling safe enough to say what you mean. It feels a lot like the white noise while you search for a radio channel.

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© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni | All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni |
All rights reserved | AGB| Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni | All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter

© Copyrights 2022-2023 | Elisa Malinverni
All rights reserved | AGB | Kontakt & Newsletter